Me? I'm from the UK. I do crafts, scrapbooking, customising clothing and shoes. I do Science. I used to play roller derby, and helped set up the amazing team in my area a few years ago. I'm still into exercising every day (yay Shaun T changed my life!). I'm 'geeky' - but I consider it to be normal. I like video games, movies, books, board games, anime, messed up Asian Horror and thrillers. Hugely into Marvel, DC, Supernatural, American Horror Story, Hannibal, Sherlock, Elementary, Game of Thrones - you know the usual tumblr fandoms with a little slash fiction mixed in. Pretty obsessed with anything colourful, holographic, or glittery - make up, shoes, my little ponies - that kind of thing. Welcome to my corner of the internet!

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